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Hi, I’m Inga Hope, creator of Gentle Guitar™

Gentle Guitar™ is an online guitar school for kids, and a publisher of guitar teaching resources for private teachers.

The Gentle Guitar Method™ is a versatile and proven teaching system that makes teaching guitar to kids easy and fun for both the teacher and the student. My teachers and I use this method to teach guitar to kids via Skype, but it didn't start out as an online method. In fact IT IS NOT AN ONLINE METHOD. It's just a tool that in the hands of a knowledgeable teacher will work wonders for the students.

I wrote the method in 2013 in Auckland, New Zealand, and used it to teach one-on-one, pairs and group lessons in my local guitar studios. This method was also used for classroom instruction.

In 2015 I decided to use this method to teach guitar to kids online, and since then it's been working amazingly well for my team and I.

I'm sure that this proven method will enhance your kids guitar tuition!

On this website you'll find the original resources and methodology that my teachers and I use to teach the official Gentle Guitar™ lessons.

I share the Gentle Guitar Method™ with private guitar teachers around the world to innovate and improve the way that standard notation and music theory are taught to very young beginners.

The Gentle Guitar Method™ is broken into two age-groups:

  • Gentle Guitar Method™ for Kids Ages 5 to 8
  • Gentle Guitar Method™ for Kids Ages 9-12+

Currently on this website, you will only find the Gentle Guitar Method™ for kids in the age group 5 - 8. In 2019, I will share the complete method, including for the older ages.


Gentle Guitar Method™ For Ages 5 - 8

Gentle Guitar™ Method Books 1 - 4

There are 4 Gentle Guitar™ method books. Each method book contains 10 lesson plans and is about 110 pages. These method books are very slow paced, which is ideal for very young learners. The 4 method books cover notes on the 1st through 3rd strings, and introduce chords: G7, C, G and D7.

The books are filled with tracing activities, ear-training (The Guessing Game), music math, songwriting exercises, and other fun written activities.

Notes are introduced to kids as "Learner Notation" (With the letter names written in the note-heads) and as Standard Notation. Slashes and chord charts are also introduced and practiced with a simple down-strum.

You can look inside the books in the shop.

Easiest guitar method for kids

Gentle Guitar™ Songbooks 1 & 2

There are 2 Gentle Guitar™ songbooks for the age-group 5-8. Each songbook contains 19 songs. Some of the songs are traditional nursery rhymes and some are Gentle Guitar™ original songs.

Songbook 1 features songs on the first two strings.

Songbook 2 features songs on strings 1, 2 and 3.

Both songbook 1 and songbook 2 come in learner notations (with letter names inside the note-heads) and with standard notation.

You can look inside the books in the shop.

easy guitar songs and notes for kids

Gentle Guitar™ Teacher-Training Video Course

The Gentle Guitar Method™ is truly unique, therefore it works best if you first complete the same teacher-training introduction that our Gentle Guitar™ teachers go through before they can begin teaching at our online school.

The teacher-training DIY video course takes you through the first 10 lesson-plans (Method book 1). It covers the unique Gentle Guitar™ approach to teaching this age-group and it talks about child-psychology and how to improve your student-retention in this age-group.

If you've struggled to teach kids before, or if you never knew how to teach kids, than this training is for you. After 4 hours of video instruction you'll walk away empowered to make this age-group your easiest and most fun age group to teach!

You can sample a few free video lectures here: Preview the Course.

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