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Large Learner Notation ideal for kids in the age group 5 to 8. Featuring 19 progressive songs on the first 2 strings. Traditional and original easy songs for kids.

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Gentle Guitar™ is an online guitar school for kids, and a publisher of guitar teaching resources for private teachers.

The Gentle Guitar Method™ is a versatile and proven teaching system that makes teaching guitar to kids easy and fun for both the teacher and the student.

Whether you’re new to teaching or a seasoned pro, you’ll find these tools will simplify your teaching and free up your time so that you can achieve MORE with your teaching business.

If you've struggled to teach guitar to kids, and had to turn down business because you thought that 5 is too young to start guitar, this will change the way you approach children's guitar tuition!

Dylan Kay (Auckland, New Zealand)

"As an experienced guitar teacher, I know that teaching children is  amongst the most challenging aspects of my job. Until now, I have relied on creating my own materials because the “popular” methods are uninspiring and don’t achieve the results that they should.

Gentle Guitar is by far the best-looking and child-friendliest guitar method I have ever seen. Through fun songs, games and practical exercises, it focuses on the fundamentals of correct technique, reading music and understanding theory. But what is completely unique about Gentle Guitar is the practising aspect.

Any instrument requires practice to master. Encouraging this in children is usually a big problem for both teacher and parent. In many instances, the constant battles about practising result in the child giving up the instrument.

What is unique and revolutionary about Gentle Guitar is that children using the method genuinely enjoy the work they need to do at home!

This takes the pressure off parents, makes the teacher’s job more rewarding and makes the whole learning experience much easier and more effective for everyone. The progress the children make using this method is astounding.

Gentle Guitar is going to revolutionise the guitar learning experience for children. I am very excited about this method and wholeheartedly endorse it. I just hope it finds its way into the teaching of other instruments!"

Dylan Kay, Guitar teacher, Auckland